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Even the us Endocrine society (Hembree et Al. 2017) found the evidence low and very low quality or didn't grade it! Low and very low quality GRADE mean: "The true effect may be substantially different from the estimate of the effect” and “The true effect is likely to be substantially different from the estimate of effect” respectively.

And the Florida Medicaid review. There is agreement about evidence quality.

And the great thing about Cantor's fact check of the AAP policy, where " Remarkably, not only did the AAP statement fail to include any of the actual outcomes literature on such cases, but it also misrepresented the contents of its citations, which repeatedly said the very opposite of what AAP attributed to them.” is anyone can read it themselves and do the check.

That's the strength of science, it doesn't matter who checks, if you do it right you get the same answer.

The question is why the AAP, after misrepresenting what the evidence said, and having it pointed out, did not correct it.

(3 recommendations by Hembree et Al had moderate quality evidence: confirm diagnosis, fertility counseling, and take care of other medical conditions that might interfere withthe puberty blockers, hormones, etc.)

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The Cantor refutation references Adelson & AACAP, 2012: Where prepubescent boys are gender dysphoric "cross gender wishes usually fade over time and do not persist into adulthood" and where dysphoria presents during adolescence, "this desire usually does persist through adulthood".

So there you go. The gender identity religion needs to brainwash children through adolescence to create and retain their cult members.

We can thank the AAP for being part of the new religion. On your knees kids.

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