A paediatrician explains what trans hormonal drug treatments do to children and adolescents. His letter is now in PDF format for sharing.
The first treatment guideline for gender dysphoric youth has been caught up in controversy
'Warringah political candidate Katherine Deves is right: transgender-identifying children are being mutilated by surgery and sterilised by hormonal…
The White House claims debate about childhood gender medicine is settled—even as numerous international experts are coming forward to say it‘s not.
The state says red lights are flashing internationally
Een Franse medische organisatie heeft alarm geslagen over een epidemie-achtige toename van het aantal jongeren dat hormoonrecepten aanvraagt
Lack of long-term safety data puts gender clinics in a bind
Une organisation médicale française a sonné l’alarme face à une augmentation, semblable à une épidémie, du nombre de jeunes gens cherchant à obtenir des…
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