It is interesting to compare this statement:

The evidence for the safety and efficacy of trans puberty blocking has been rated as weak and uncertain by systemic reviews of the medical literature. Patient numbers have skyrocketed, and the patient profile has changed without clear explanation.

With that of Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital Gender Clinic website:

Puberty blockers suppress the development of secondary sex characteristics and are used for adolescents in the early stages of pubertal development. As they are reversible in their effects, should an adolescent wish to stop taking them at any time, their biological puberty will resume.

. . . . Nothing to see there!

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Dynamite article, Bernard!

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This is an excellent article full of really powerful information! Thank you for this. Jamie Reed's affidavit is very revealing, and I am anxious to see how the investigation of the Missouri gender clinic unfolds. It seems like that there is (finally) a trove of information that is coming out, information that will blow something open soon. It is also heartening to read about gender dysphoria experts like Dr. Susan Bradley, reversing their opinions of blockers:


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